il sait à quel point j’aime translates to "he knows how much I love"

The full sentence is car il sait à quel point j’aime à résoudre les problèmes and I've played around with the sentence to see at what point quel point becomes how much.

When would I use quel point to mean how much? What grammatical categories does this fall under?

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    As Simon Déchamps already stated, à quel point translates to "to what extent*. That's even a word by word translation. Here point = degré/niveau/limite = extent.
    – jlliagre
    Dec 31, 2016 at 0:37

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It's à quel point that means how much, not just quel point. In some cases it can be translated into to what extent, in others it's more how, sometimes why not to what degree. All of them have close meanings, even if not always interchangeable.

You can almost always replace it by combien, which literally means how much:

Tu sais combien j'adore cette musique !

Oh and I can't think of a case with at what point meaning à quel point, so I suppose we can say they are false friends.

And it's an adverb.

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