Thanks for being so kind to me!

I didn't think that it would be so hot.

Should "so" in these sentences be translated with si, aussi, or tellement, or does more than one work? If more than one works, do they carry different connotations?

Merci d'être (si/aussi/tellement) gentil avec moi !

Je n'ai pas pensé qu'il ferait (si/aussi/tellement) chaud.

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For the first sentence you can either use "si" or "aussi".

Merci d'être si gentil avec moi / Merci d'être aussi gentil avec moi.

Using "si" will sound more polite, you can use "tellement" too but it won't sound natural !

For the second one it's the same, you can use both but "si" will sound more polite. You can't use "tellement" here.

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    I would also add "Tellement" is really different from "si" and "aussi". With "tellement" you have to be able to add "que ..." after it: "il fait tellement chaud que je vais enlever mon pull", which you can't do in a sentence like the suggested one...
    – Random
    Jan 4, 2017 at 16:50

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