I want to ask a good friend for coffee. We are due for a catch-up. It is not a date or anything formal. We catch up regularly.

How do I say "I'd love to meet for coffee sometime". From looking at the basic rules, rencontre doesn't seem quite right, for example. Any advice gratefully accepted.

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I would say:

On pourrait se retrouver un de ces quatre pour un café.

Un de ces quatre (probably an ellipsis for un de ces quatre matins) is a colloquial equivalent of un de ces jours (one of these days.)


I would say as the comment before mine or

On pourrait se voir un de ces jours pour


Another possibility, quite informal - but which doesn't explicitly contain "to meet" (which is the specific focus of your question, I know). In defense of this version, I feel it would fit better in a casual conversation than the previous, longer proposals.

On se prend un café un de ces quatre?


j'aimerais qu'on prenne un café à l'occasion

ou combinaisons de :



  • qu'on se voit
  • qu'on se revoit
  • qu'on se rencontre


  • un de ces jours

  • à l'occasion
  • un de ces quatre (matins)


  • pour un café

  • pour prendre/boire un café

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