Is d'accord the right word to say okay in French or are there any other words that can be used to say okay in French?

In what situation can I use d'accord?

I need an example of d'accord.

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    Consulting a dictionary could be a great help before you ask a question on FL. This is quite a good online dictionary, it will give you the various ways to say OK in French and lots of examples. If you are not sure what to use in a precise situation you have in mind then you can ask a more precise question here.
    – None
    Apr 24 '17 at 6:33
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    OK exists in french as well (don't write it okay).
    – Mistalis
    Apr 24 '17 at 6:53
  • “I need an example” “Vous avez besoin d'un exemple? D'accord!” Apr 24 '17 at 9:50
  • "Qu'il en soit ainsi".
    – Destal
    Apr 24 '17 at 9:54
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    In English okay/OK is often used to introduce a new topic, not in the sense "I agree". For example, "OK, what can I do to help?" It is my understanding that "d'accord" can't be used in this way, but rather "bon" or "bien" should be used: "Bon, en quoi puis-je être utile ?"
    – mlj
    Apr 24 '17 at 18:22

In spoken French you can say :

  1. OK !
  2. D'accord !
  3. Je suis d'accord [avec toi].
  4. OK, je suis d'accord [avec toi].

But you have to write :

  1. Je suis d'accord [avec toi].

Source: I am French.


You can say OK in French.

'Je suis d'accord' means 'I agree'

  • You can say it but it does not answer the question. D'accord is the translation of OK or Okay.
    – Lambie
    Apr 24 '17 at 15:19

You can say d'accord, but at least half of current usage would be 'OK'. Throw in 'okey dokey' and you'll lose your audience completely though :-)

  • I see a fair amount "Okidok" (with a pronunciation close to 'okey dokey') in SMS and other informal short messages from my friends, and I hear from time to time, so I don't think your audience would be lost by "okey dokey". That said, most of my friends spend a lot of time listening/reading/watching stuff in English, so YMMV :)
    – Luris
    Aug 31 '18 at 11:36

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