I'm working on a school project about different régiolects in France.

I came across the word 'Bonjor' , which means 'Bonjour' in a certain régiolect but I can't seem to find which régiolect this is used in.

Does anyone have an idea which régiolect it could be?

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Wikipedia gives the word as francoprovençal but francoprovençal covers a large variety of regional languages and I've browsed quite a number of francoprovençal dictionaries before I could find one that gives bonjor and it appears to be in a Dictionnaire lyonnais-français des monts du Lyonnais (Yzeron, Rontalon).

I came upon this webpage thanks to Lexilogos. It is a very good site as far as regional languages are concerned.

Maybe someone on this site who is from the Yzeron and Rontalon area could confirm this, but I expect that, as in most parts of metropolitan France nowadays, not many people still speak a local dialect there.


This says Savoie: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bonjor and Bresse, which is next to it. That said, I've been in Savoie plenty and never seen/heard it, but my parisian accent would probably preclude being addressed in the local dialect :-).

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