toutes les louanges qu'ils m’ont faites à son sujet

Here, the phrase « à son sujet » makes it clear that they told me how highly they think of her, praising her to the skies. But what about if you drop the part « à son sujet »?

toutes les louanges qu'ils m’ont faites

I wonder if it seems like all the praise was directed towards me, or is it left unclear who was praised?

Do you always need to have the noun « louanges » accompanied by « au sujet de qn » or « sur qn »?

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Toutes les louanges qu'ils m'ont faites can be used without specifying the recipient and in such case, it more than likely means the praise was directed to the speaker.

Note that louanges being a little formal, you'd probably hear more often tous les compliments qu'ils m'ont faits.

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