I found a list of rules for forming plurals from regular nouns, which states that last names aren't changed when pluralized (just the article changes). Does this also apply to proper nouns? (ie How would I say "two Apple Ipods" or "some Toyota Matrixes"?)

If there's no hard and fast rule, is there something that works most of the time?


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Yes, the last name pluralization rule applies to commercial proper nouns as well. From the Banque de dépannage linguistique, brand names that start with a capital (hence proper nouns) stay singular:

  • Mes enfants raffolent des Popsicle lors des chaudes journées d'été.
  • Elle aimerait bien recevoir des Nike pour son anniversaire.
  • Luc préfère les Ford aux Chevrolet.

However, if a brand name is so popular that it has migrated into the common noun category, it is then written with a lowercase and pluralized normally:

  • Tu devrais prendre deux aspirines avant de te coucher.

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