Personnaliser la barre d'outils Accès rapide.

I imported a PC from France, and in Office Word I noticed the term "la barre d'outils Accès rapide" that refers to the customisable bar at the top of the screen. {as highlighted in the attached picture}

The use of the noun "Accès" in this specific manner pulled me up short. I wonder how this is considered grammatically correct? Why is only the word "Accès" capitalised, whereas its English equivalent "Quick Access Toolbar" has every first letter capitalised?

enter image description here


I do not find anything non grammatical here. Unlike English, French do not capitalize every word in a title or similar.

There is a toolbar (barre d'outils) named Accès rapide and a menu to customize (personnaliser) it.

In English, this function is called "Customize the Quick Access Toolbar".

Accès is capitalized to show it starts the proper name of an entity (similar to the title of a book, or the name of a chapter).

To better stick to typographical rules, it might have been quoted too like this:

Personnaliser la barre d'outils « Accès rapide »

or italicized:

Personnaliser la barre d'outils Accès rapide

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