I am trying to translate this sentence and am having a hard time deciding where all the adjectives go:

The Airborne family of personnel oxygen systems for military jumpers also includes: a.b.c...

La famille des systèmes d’Airborne d’oxygène de parachute du personnel pour les gréeurs militaires comprend également: a.b.c...

Airborne is the proper name of the company. I was thinking of moving d'Airborne to the end of the phrase, but then the impression might be that they were military jumpers from the Airborne company, and that is not right. Airborne makes the family of oxygen systems.

Can anyone help me with translating this little phrase?

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  • While the latter is also used, I would recommend gamme instead of famille when talking about a range of products.

  • If systèmes d'oxygène is unclear, you can add d'apport to make clear what they are about.

  • Oxygène de parachute doesn't work, the oxygen is not for the parachute but for the jumper.

  • Du personnel means "of the staff", not what you want here. "Personal systems" can be translated as système individuels or systèmes personnels.

  • Gréeurs is a rare word and is related to sailing boats, irrelevant here.

I would then suggest:

La gamme Airborne de systèmes [d'apport] d'oxygène pour parachutistes militaires comprend aussi...

While parachutiste militaire is sometimes used, better to apply the adjective militaire to the range of products. If you also want to state these systems are personal, you might also write:

La gamme militaire Airborne de systèmes personnels [d'apport] d'oxygène pour parachutistes comprend aussi...


Les systèmes d'oxygène personnel de la famille Airborne pour les parachutistes militaires (parachute jumping I take it?) incluent également : ...



La famille des systèmes d’oxygène à personnel (d')Airborne pour les parachutistes militaires comprend également: a.b.c...


La famille des systèmes d’oxygène à personnel pour les parachutistes militaires (d')Airborne comprend également: a.b.c...

look good to me.

The second one is indeed more ambiguous, but in the context, the reader will obviously understand that the jumpers don't belong to Airborne, so I wouldn't worry...

A few notes :

  • You added parachute to the French sentence while it was not in the original one - this might alter the meaning slightly.

  • I found occurrences of parachute à personnel, but none of système d'oxygène à personnel, so this translation might be subpar. Is personnel oxygen systems really a thing in the military field or was the concept coinded by the company? Knowing that could help.

  • It looks like sauteur is not a thing and gréeur a completely different animal (rigger), hence parachutiste.

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