Is this question asking whether or not my friends "make" french? What is meant by this? Thanks in advance.

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Easy French Step-by-Step (Rochester) gives some examples of this idiom.

faire des langues modernes (to study modern languages)
faire de la littérature (to study literature)
faire de la médecine (to study medicine)

The idiom means "to study". Thus your sentence could be translated as:

Est-ce que tes copains aussi font du français?
Are your friends also studying French?

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    Thanks! I guess I didn't realize it could mean multiple things.
    – PP Laru
    Oct 2, 2017 at 4:22

Faire is often translated by to do instead of to make.

Literally, this sentence means:

  • Are your pals also doing French? (i.e. studying French)

From the TLFi:

D.− Exercer (une activité suivie de façon régulière), employer son temps à.
1. Domaine scol. et universitaire. Faire des études*, faire l'école buissonnière*; faire un doctorat, une licence.
− En partic.
Faire + art. partitif + subst. Étudier, pratiquer (une matière, une discipline). Faire des maths

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