I would like to say "I receive many emails ." Is it preferable to use plusieurs or beaucoup de?

Je reçois plusieurs mails.

Je reçois beaucoup de mails.

If both are equally acceptable, then is there a difference in meaning?


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"Je reçois plusieurs mails" means "I receive multiple emails'. So this is not the same as "beaucoup de" which means "many".

In French I wouldn't use "mails" but "email" or "courriel".

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    C'est peut-être moins correct, mais c'est courant d'utiliser "mails" en français. Oct 4, 2017 at 16:14

• "Plusieurs" means "several, (a) few" • "Beaucoup de" means "a lot of"


En outre "Plusieurs" may be used in any registers "beaucoup de" is more colloquial.

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