I want to find one word to express the business model here. For example, in some online dressing store (eg, videdressing.com), the provider of the site takes eg, 5% of the price from the seller when a product is sold. Is there a french word to say this business model of taking a percentage from sellers?

  • I don't know if the "brick-and mortar" term "vente en/par consignation" is used in/would be applicable to online boutiques (nothing is physically consigned, so probably not), but it does involve (according to the link @ par.9) "[the consignee(/site provider?) receiving] un pourcentage, une somme fixe ou une marge," & if the site provider has an exclusive right to insist that the product be sold only on his/her site, maybe some kind of "virtual consignment" could somehow be argued, making the notion perhaps relevant to your scenario.
    – Papa Poule
    Oct 16, 2017 at 22:48

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The percentage would be called une commission.

About the business model, I guess we would say that the provider est rémunéré à la commission.

You could also say that the provider se rémunère via un pourcentage sur les ventes. Or par une commission sur les ventes.

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