Mais au fait, y en avait bien un autre avec vous ?

{vs} Mais au fait, y en avait un autre avec vous ?

I wonder if the use of "bien" makes it a statement, something along the lines of:

Moi qui pensais qu’il y en avait un autre avec vous. Il s'est passé quoi, au juste ?

Can you think of some other examples like this?

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    Yes, bien suggests that you're seeking confirmation of a fact you have heard stated or alluded to previously. "Was there really? Was there in fact?" Synonyms such as vraiment will indeed have a similar effect.
    – Luke Sawczak
    Oct 30 '17 at 18:02

Your example is right on this context. You could have say:

C'est bien ça?

I would have answered

C'est bien ça!

It means you were pretty sure to be right, but ask for confirmation. Another example:

Avez-vous bien renvoyé le formulaire comme demandé?

We use that to insist on the fact you should know that statement, but ask just for confirmation.

Use of bien is not only for questions, it works the same way in statement. Both means that we are almost 100% sure of it:

J'ai bien renvoyé le formulaire comme demandé.

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