—Tu exagères mon ami, car même si tu n’aimes pas la grammaire, tu sais bien que c’est important.
—Pfff ! je sais que tu as raison, mais c’est difficile de l’admettre.
—Écoute je te promets que nous allons seulement donner quelques exemples de négation tout en parlant de tout et de rien.

How exactly would you translate that into English?

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Parler de tout et de rien (talking about everything and nothing) is an idiom that means to chat about various unrelated sort of things of no particular importance. I have seen talking about this and that but have no idea about if it is an "exact translation" (if such thing exist).

In any case, English idioms should better be asked for in the English Language & Usage site

  • Yeah. I thought that it was an idiom. Thank you.
    – user69786
    Nov 20, 2017 at 2:57

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