I think I understand the basic meaning of "En voilà une qui", but in this sentence I have difficulty understanding the meaning of the sentence.

En voilà une qui a toujours fini sa soupe !

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    So far, what do you believe it means?
    – Luke Sawczak
    Dec 11, 2017 at 2:20

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"Here is one that always finishes her soup"

Literally, "here is one that has always finished her soup", so why wouldn't she finish it again ?

Basically, "en voilà une/un" is used to point somebody out.


Take her as an example ! Her exists. We found her :
En voilà une qui...
This is not obvious. We respect her for that !
A toujours fini sa soupe
She has always ended her job. She never went back. Never made faces. Reliable.

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