I am wondering if there a good way to say "She is doing it!" in the sense of cheering someone on.

An example context, to make myself clear:

  • 2 swimmers are competing and near the end of the race the commentator says "xxx is doing it!" (xxx is winning the race)

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I think those are the closest translations:

  • « Elle/Il va le faire ! » - She/He's going to do it!
  • « Elle/Il va y arriver ! » - She/He's going to do it!
  • « Elle/Il peut le faire ! » - She/He can do it!

Those idioms are often used by commentators, sometimes followed by:

  • « Elle/Il l'a fait !! » - She/He's done it!!
  • "Elle/Il va y arriver !" is rendered essentially by "She/He's going to make it!
    – LPH
    Nov 27, 2019 at 19:33

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