This is related to numbers, a game in the 1920 and 1930's in the US.

A gambler places a bet with a bookie at a tavern, bar, barber shop, social club, or any other semi-private place that acts as an illegal betting parlor. A numbers runner carries the money and betting slips between the betting parlors and the headquarters, called a numbers bank or policy bank.

I wonder if there is any equivalent in French illegal gambling of the same period (or today).


A pejorative way to say a gambling place would be un tripot so I guess un tripot clandestin would fit well for an illegal gambling place

now for illegal gambling (so, the action, not place)
paris clandestins would be ok for bets
jeux d'argent clandestins would be ok for gambling in general

maybe someone will find something more appropriate though

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