What is the proper pronunciation of this sentence as an event organizer?

This is the example:

Je suis Joana l'organisateur de l'événement, quand est la date exacte de l'événement ?

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    You should rather say quelle est la date de l'événement.
    – Greg
    Mar 11, 2018 at 10:14
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    You should say "organisatrice" instead of "organisateur" Mar 13, 2018 at 22:56

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Here is how to pronounce "l'organisateur de l'événement"


But if you are a girl, you could say "l'organisatrice de l’événement"


It is pronounced as documented in the dictionaries:

IPA /lɔʁɡanizatœʁ də levεnmɑ̃/

There might be language register or regional variations. For example the e in de might be mute ( /dlevεnmɑ̃/ ) and while the e located before -ment in événement is mute in standard French, it is generally pronounced in southern France; -ment might also be pronounced /mɛ̃ŋ/ there.

Note that (safely) assuming Joana is a feminine first name, that should be l'organisatrice de l'événement.

Événement is written using the traditional spelling which doesn't match its pronunciation. A new accepted spelling is évènement.

As Grep pointed out, there is an adverb mismatch. That should be either:

Quelle est la date exacte de l'événement.

or, keeping quand:

Quand exactement aura lieu l'événement

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