So in England the supermarkets have plenty of 'ready meals' which one puts in microwave or a hot oven. If I put ready meal into Google Translate I get 'Repas prêts' but I think 'Plats cuisinés' is closer.

However, if I look at search results for 'Plats cuisinés' some of them are canned and some boxed whereas the English ready-meal is typically found in a refrigerated section, and is laid out in a plastic tray with a cardboard sleeve. One removes the sleeve and perforates the film and places in microwave.

Often they are Indian, Thai or Chinese meals, i.e. ethnic cuisine.

I was just wondering if I was missing a better translation or do the French cook far more from scratch?

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Even though plats cuisinés can be used, plats préparés is more common, and closer to the literal translation ;)


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