I just want to know what is the meaning of "ça ne va pas comme ça" or "ça va pas comme ça". I thought it does mean "it doesn't work that way" just like "ça marche pas comme ça" or something like that. I can't find any related result on Google. I'm asking this question because Ive used this phrase 1000 times when I was in France.

  • Another option: It's not working out the way you're doing it
    – Luke Sawczak
    Commented Apr 22, 2018 at 12:31

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From my point of view, "comme ça" designates the way a specific thing is happening.

I would use the sentence "ça ne va pas comme ça" to emphasize the fact that I don't agree with the way itself ("comme ça").

Let's make an example:

"Maman, je peux mélanger le beurre avec la farine ?"

"Bien sûr, montre-moi comment tu fais."


"Non, ça ne va pas comme ça ! Prends la cuillère avec ta main droite et fais des tours plus rapides, comme ça."

*elle lui montre le bon geste *

A clearer (maybe) way of phrase it could be : "Comme ça, ça ne va pas", where the coma separates better the two parts of the sentence.

  • are you french?
    – formxoop
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  • Yes I am French. :)
    – Reyedy
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  • My pleasure, have a nice weekend. ;)
    – Reyedy
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I think best translation would be : "It's not correct that way"


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