A streamer said this and I have no idea what he said, could someone please write out what he's saying and the translation? (Skip to 10 secounds) https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyOriginalTrianglePeteZaroll

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"Oh putain ! Ce bijou ! Ah, j'suis refait [...] On fait des stratégies étranges"

...Aaaand I wasn't able to understand the rest of it either (19 seconds - 25 seconds).

Oh putain

Well, that's typical french interjection, which degree of vulgarity seriously varies with the context. Here, the guy is just happy (go to n°3 here).

Ce bijou

"What a gem", "This is marvellous" (but I quite exagerate it here)

J'suis refait ("Je suis refait")

Literally, "I'm done again". Used to mean that you got fooled, but nowadays it is almost the contrary. Basically "I'm so happy (again)"

On fait des stratégies étranges

(Not sure about this one) "We have strange strategies" ?

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