I'm trying to translate my resume in Canadian French but I struggle finding a correct translation for "Retail Marketing Manager".

Is there a correct translation ?


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    How about "Directeur du marketing de détail" ? (linguee.fr)
    – Dimitris
    Commented Jun 6, 2018 at 3:17

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Marketing translates to commercialisation.

In french Canada, job ads mostly use Directeur/gérant de la commercialisation au détail. More than often and from my experience, marketing is not translated and used as it is: Directeur marketing.

Source: french canadian, worked in retail


My best guess would be : « Manager marketing et développement commercial »

It is officially listed and described in the rncp (National Directory of Professional Training) : http://www.rncp.cncp.gouv.fr/grand-public/visualisationFiche?format=fr&fiche=27377

It's standard French though and might not be so good in Canadian French as they tend to avoid anglicisms.

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