When answering “Qui décide ce qui est beau?”, do you use “I do” as in “je fais” or “oui” as in “yes”? Can you also answer with “je décide”?

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    Je ne sais pas. ;)
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    Aug 21, 2018 at 6:55

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There are a few options. Usually you will use the emphatic pronoun moi (also called the disjonctif).

For example, you could say any of these depending on how verbose you want to be:


C'est moi.

C'est moi qui décide.

The emphatic pronouns are je / moi, tu / toi, il / lui, ils / eux (elle, nous, vous, elles don't change).

You could also just use je but it would be less likely to appear without the emphatic moi :

Moi, je décide.

Je décide.

If you want to say something like "I do", you have to use le (literally "I do it"). This is true every time you want to replace a verb with "do". The same thing about moi applies here too.

(Moi) je le fais.

You can't reply with just oui because this is an open-ended question, not a yes/no question. The following exchange makes no sense in either English or French.

Qui décide ce qui est beau ? Who decides what is beautiful?

Oui. Yes.

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