I have checked other responses but in Scotland the degree system is slightly different from other systems in the UK and abroad.

I studied a Master's degree in French at the University of Glasgow. This included 5 years of study as follows:

  1. 2 years of study at my home university.
  2. 1 year of university at a French university.
  3. 2 year of study at my home university again.

Please note, I did not have a bachelor's degree/license before this study. In certain universities in Scotland we can obtain Master's degrees as undergraduates.

So my question: est-ce que c'est une "maîtrise" ou un "Master"?

I'm not sure if, given my year abroad, this would be considered BAC+4 or BAC+5? I would appreciate any advice as I don't want to be using the wrong term. (I can always include an explanatory note when I use the term but that seems a bit superfluous.


The diploma called "maitrise" is now a diploma that can be delivered at the end of the first year of study in what is called the "second cycle"; it is called an intermediary diploma; the diploma called "master" is delivered the next year. The "master" is what used to be called "maitrise"; you can't get it before two years' study in the "second cycle", that is not beforet the end of the "second cyle"; if you have those two years' study, either in France or in the UK, you should be able to say "master" as "master" corresponds to "master's degree" in the UK.

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