What are the best, most practical methods for improving French listening comprehension?

I have been self-teaching French for a few months now and right now my study time is usually structured around grammar exercises and reading comprehension, with all new input consistently added to a Spaced Repetition System (Anki). My pronunciation, reading comprehension and vocabulary are, IMHO, above average. However, I don't have a good system in place for improving my listening skills.

i.e. transcriptions, online resources - what are some reliable, free resources?


I use RFI’s “journal en français facile,” which releases new editions every weekday with transcriptions.


I also recommend Cyprien’s YouTube channel. Many of his older videos are subtitled in French and English, although many newer ones don’t have it yet.

Also very helpful is the Easy French YouTube channel, which had 60+ videos subtitled in French and English.

Lastly I recommend Laetitia Perraut's “One Thing in a French Day” podcast, which she emails out 3 times a week to subscribers. I think I pay $3 a month for it, and it comes with a transcription.


Besides all the dedicated material that is available an excellent means of getting listening comprehension in various areas of the language (arts, politics, littérature, and other domains) is to listen to French radio stations, not as a task that you would impose to yourself as the unique object of your attention, although you might also do that, but while you're doing other things, such as washing, dressing, driving,… ; that has the avantage of putting otherwise wasted time to good use.

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