I would appreciate it if you would introduce me to some sources of free downloadable videos/films in the French language accompanied by French subtitles (either treating of mathematics or of any general subject).

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Perfect is the enemy of good:-)! I found the following site a most comprehensive source. There is even a classification (B1,B2,C1 and the like):


Highly recommended. Hope it helps!

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You have also really nice Youtube channels to learn (or improve) french for free among which:

  1. Learn French with Vincent

Vincent is a French teacher with his own YouTube channel, and he will teach you thousands of phrases, as well as vocabulary, grammar and the correct pronunciation. He aims to take you from being a beginner in the language all the way to becoming an advanced French speaker. Listening to French is an excellent way of learning, and when viewing Vincent’s videos you can hear him speaking French. Vincent has another website where you can find out all about his services, and he is also offering lessons via Skype.

  1. JeFrench

This site’s slogan is: “Learn French With Us…It’s Fun!” Having fun is always an aid and attraction to learning. The mini-lessons JeFrench offer cover all the basics of the language, and are easy to follow with recognisable images illustrating the subjects covered in their videos.

  1. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 is a very popular YouTube video channel for learning French, and with good reason. FrenchPod101 has a very large selection of videos on so many different subjects that are important if you want a very balanced knowledge of the language. There are videos covering the use of adjectives, there is one that explains three ways of saying you love someone in French, and even a video all about French superstitions. The very slick presentations are in English and French.


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French in Action, la méthode Capretz (Yale, 1987) est toujours disponible sur Annenberg Media et YouTube. C'était le début de l'immersion.

Les leçons restent très utiles pour apprendre le français, puis ça devient du cinéma, réalisé à Paris dans les années 80s. J'adore.

"This series uses active participation to increase fluency in French, while introducing French culture. Pierre Capretz's proven language-immersion method is presented within a humorous teleplay with native speakers of all ages and backgrounds. The storyline of an American student and a young Frenchwoman's adventures in Paris and the French countryside is reinforced by Dr. Capretz's on-camera instruction. The series is also appropriate for teacher professional development."

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I recently started searching for French movies with French subtitles to learn the language. Filmfra.com seems to be dead, but I found LookMovie. Here you can find many movies in many different languages, French included.

For example, here's a link to Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob, a great movie starring Louis de Funès. Simply press the subtitles button in the player and select your preference.

EDIT: They aren't downloadable, at least not easily. Perhaps you could download them by pasting the link into some downloader, or find the movie elsewhere and download the subtitles separately from OpenSubtitles.

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