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On a random online quiz, I was presented with the following one:

Elles se sont ____ dans leur malheur.

The two options were complu and complues (past participle of complaire). I picked complues and was told that complu was correct.

I am very confused because agreement of past participle with the auxiliary verb être is very obvious to me.

I have already read this answer and I think se (elles) is the direct object (there's nothing else that could serve as the object). Am I wrong here or elsewhere?

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    @Sharcoux No. According to the link provided by LPH, se complaire is a verb that never agrees with subject/object, and such complu is always correct (no complue/complus/complues in this case). – iBug May 3 at 14:33
  • OMG, my bad. I didn't pay enough attention! – Sharcoux May 3 at 19:10