For example, if I wanted to say “Is it different at all?” would that be “C’est différent du tout ?” or is that not possible?

  • What do you mean by: Is it different at all? Do you mean: different in relation to something else? Without context, your sentence is not very meaningful... – Lambie May 21 '19 at 19:19

Nope, you have to say "Est-ce réellement différent ?" or "Y a-t-il la moindre différence ?".

  • You could also say "Est-ce seulement différent ?" which is similar to "Y a-t-il la moindre différence ?" Or "N'y a-t-il aucune différence ?". If you really want to translate the "at all" you can say "N'y a-t-il vraiment aucune différence du tout ?", but this is very insisting, like if you're asking a confirmation for the second time, usually the "du tout" isn't used. – Ben May 12 at 17:42

You could, but only on the condition you changed somewhat the question and asked instead a negative question, that is whether there is not any difference (then a comma may be used for an equivalent formulation).

Is there not a difference at all ?

  • Il n'y a pas de différence du tout ?
  • N'y a-t-il pas de différence du tout ?
  • N'y a-t-il pas de différence ? Du tout ? ngram

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