I was reading a New Yorker article about the "city" under Paris it was mentioned that there is another meaning besides cat flap for chatière. However my google-fu appears to be weak today, and I can't seem to figure out what it is.

from The Invisible City Under Paris

Chatière means cat-flap, as well as something a bit less polite than that...


There is a plentiful crop of synonyms for this argot word; those below come from this reference. It means "sexe de la femme", according to the synonyms.

chatière (n.f.) (argotique)

foune, berlingot (argotique), chagatte (Pej Arg Pop), chatte (vulgaire), con (argotique, vulgaire), divertissoire (argotique), écu (argotique), foufoune (familier), frifri (argotique), losange (familier, figuré), mimi (familier), minette (familier), minou (familier), minouche (familier), moule (argotique, populaire), salle des fêtes (argotique), trou (argotique), zézette (enfantin, familier), zigouigoui (argotique)

foune : (ref), sexe de la femme
berlingot : ref, as above
chagatte: ref, as above

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