In the context of customer service how would you say something like “I can ring you out at this register!” or “I’ll cash you out down here”?

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In a colloquial way you can say this ;

  • Je vais vous prendre à la caisse X. or
  • Je vous prend à la caisse X.

In a more courteous fashion you might say something like this ;

  • Passez à la caisse X, s'il vous plait. or
  • Mettez-vous à la caisse X, s'il vous plait.

There are numerous variants of these few forms, of course; instead of using a number for X, the approximate location of the cash-register might be used: "à cette caisse" (“I can ring you out at this register!”), "à cette caisse, là-bas", à la caisse du fond", "à la première caisse", etc. Also, "s'il vous plait" can be fronted;

Instead of "passez", "Vous pouvez passer" will do as well but then "s'il vous plait" is no used unless the injunction takes the form of a question;

  • Vous pouvez passer à cette caisse.

  • Vous pouvez passer à cette caisse s'il vous plait ? (more courteous)

Other options used by cashiers

  • Venez par ici madame/monsieur/mademoiselle, je vous encaisse. ("je vais vous encaisser", as well) (the cashier is at the register where the customer is being asked to go.)
  • Par ici monsieur (s'il vous plait), je vous encaisse. (same remark as above)

  • Par ici, madame (s'il vous plait), c'est ouvert. (same remark as above)

Here again, the order of the expressions used is not fixed;

  • Madame ! S'il vous plait, par ici, je vous encaisse. (if it is needed to draw the attention of the person)
  • S'il vous plait , madame, par ici.
  • S'il vous plait , madame, venez à ma caisse.
  • thank you so much! i’ll keep all of these in mind. i tried asking my french friend before and he said “scanner” but i get the impression he misunderstood a little? unless that’s another option? May 25, 2019 at 17:32
  • 1
    @jacoballens I haven't yet heard someone use that term, but it is a legitimate possibility as I see it; I have no idea of the line along which to use it; it seems "Je vais vous scanner à la caisse X." is not likely, but you never know, it might just be one of the forms used; personally I'd say something like "Je vais scanner vos articles." or "Venez ici pour le scannage.", etc. and I think I wouldn't wait for some authority to make the form legitimate, as it says what is needed; it is already an alternative as "scanner des articles" is well understood (apparently).
    – LPH
    May 25, 2019 at 17:48

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