I just said in conversation:

Quoi, vous ne croyiez tout de même pas que j’allais m’occuper de la tambouille moi-même ? Je suis une quiche en cuisine !

A quiche person is nul at some activity, hands down, but I'm a bit fuzzy on how a tarte person compares, as in "passer pour une tarte" vs "passer pour une quiche".

While their meanings seem to overlap to a certain extent, I don't suppose you can say, for instance, "je suis une tarte en X" or "je suis tarte en X", can you?

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The meanings are close but you can't indeed say Je suis une tarte en cuisine.

Tarte is mostly used adjectivally:

Ta copine, elle est tarte.

Meaning, she is not brilliant, not clever, boring.

A quiche has a more restricted meaning: lacking all the skills required to properly do something.


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