Is there anything in French like saying “Surprise, surprise!” sarcastically?

“Oh, he bought ANOTHER Nintendo game.”

“Surprise, surprise. It’s all he does.”

Wordreference gave me “Comme par hasard” but I don’t know how widespread/accurate that is.


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Comme par hasard (or the variant comme de par hasard - considered as faulty but still used, sometimes for a humorous effect) would rather fit as an ironical comment in situations where you suspect someone has a hidden agenda and you rather think there is no hasard (in the sens of coincidence).

-Je suis désolé, j'ai oublié mon portefeuille.

-Comme par hasard ! Et je suppose que je vais devoir payer alors ?

As in your example, if you want to express that an event or a situation is not surprising at all (without this sense of getting suspicious at an alleged coincidence), you can say:

Evidemment !

Ben tiens !

Voyez-vous ça ! (a bit old-fashioned)

Or on the tone of irony:

Quelle surprise !

Tu m'étonnes !

Sans blague ! (variants: sans rire / sans déconner / sans déc)

  • You might consider adding « Comme de par hasard » that most people consider as not good French, it is very informal indeed, but at least not ambiguous - it is always ironical.
    – None
    Jun 18, 2019 at 18:50
  • True ! I'll add it, thanks.
    – Greg
    Jun 18, 2019 at 18:56

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