If you have the following sentence:

Je vais à l'école.

What is the difference between that and:

J'aille à l'école.

  • The first difference is the mood (i.e. mode) used (indicative vs subjunctive).

  • The second difference is that the second sentence is ungrammatical (usually, the subjunctive is introduced by que) or at least meaningless.

A way to use the subjunctive with aller might be:

Mes parents voulaient que j'aille à l'école pour apprendre mes conjugaisons.

  • Could you explain your first point more (mood)? – Voldemort's Wrath Jul 20 '19 at 21:33
  • Does that page help? – jlliagre Jul 20 '19 at 21:43
  • Yes, but I can't accept (or upvote) unless you provide more descriptions in your answer. As it stands, it seems to be mostly link-only... – Voldemort's Wrath Jul 20 '19 at 21:45
  • It might help if you explain why you ask this question in the first place. Your question is very terse, so is my reply... Did you find the second form somewhere? – jlliagre Jul 20 '19 at 21:52
  • 1
    Translated by what/who? In any case, the translation should be Mes parents voulaient que j'aille à l'école. The last part doesn't make a sentence, just a part of it. – jlliagre Jul 20 '19 at 22:09

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