Does there exist a colloquial expression in French for taking an additional day more when it comes to making a three day long weekend into four days?

I vaguely remember something of this sort does exist.


This question does not ask for a colloquial expression for such a situation: Comment traduire « bank holiday weekend » ?

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    You might be thinking of faire le pont, but that's more for making a 4-day weekend out of a 2-day one. – Papa Poule Aug 31 '19 at 1:39
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    In canadian french un long weekend exist for 3 days weekend (used with the anglicism), it could be told for 4 days weekends, but it's not specific to such. – yagmoth555 Aug 31 '19 at 1:52
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    @Laure The questions are not identical but quite close indeed. – jlliagre Aug 31 '19 at 8:55

This is a community wiki including the answers that were made as comments.

There are several such possibilites.

If you really want to specify the weekend is a four day one you can say weekend de 4 jours. From the site Tout pratique.com:

Possibilité d’un weekend de 4 jours
Le lundi de Pâques tombant le lundi 22 avril, le salarié peut demander à prendre le vendredi 19 ou le mardi 23 pour bénéficier d’un weekend de 4 jours.(Quels sont les week end et jours de congé en 2019)

Faire le pont is also a possibility, it means to take the day(s) off between two holidays or between a holiday and a weekend. Definition in the TLF:

Faire le pont. Chômer un ou plusieurs jours ouvrables, situé(s) entre deux jours fériés (ou entre un jour férié et un week-end); avoir ce congé de quelques jours.

Un long weekend is a long weekend that's made possible because of a bank holiday connected to a weekend. It lasts a minimum of three days and must either start on the Friday or end on the Monday.

Un long week-end ou longue fin de semaine est un week-end prolongé en raison d'un jour férié et composé d'au moins trois jours, débutant un vendredi ou/et se terminant un lundi. (Wikipédia)

When two bank holidays happen to occur in the same week or around the same week-end, for example the first one on Tuesday and the second one on Thursday, using two vacation days lead to a seven days break which is often called a viaduc.

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If Thursday or Tuesday is a holiday and you take Friday or Monday off then this is a 'pont', i.e. you create a bridge between week-end and holiday. In other cases, you may call it 'week-end prolongé'.

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The 11th of November is a public holiday in France. This year it's a Monday. If you wanted to extend the three-day weekend to the Tuesday or start it as early as Friday the 8th you could say :

  • J'ai posé un jour de congé le 12/le 8 pour avoir un week-end de quatre jours.

Shorter versions are possible:

  • J'ai posé le mardi/le vendredi pour avoir un week-end de quatre jours.
  • J'ai posé le 12/le 8 pour avoir un week-end de quatre jours

Poser un jour de congé does not necessarily apply to weekend situations but very often people do it to create short holidays by extending three-day weekends or by filling the gap between the weekend and bank holidays if they fall on a Thursday or a Tuesday.

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