In this interview at +- 4:59 the man says

Lorsqu'on brigue le suffrage des électeurs, il vaut mieux se dire démocrate.

How does one say in english "On brigue le suffrage des electeurs"?

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  • By the way did you notice you can have English subtitles to the video? And this is Arte, the subtitles are usually reliable. I checked this one, it is OK. – Laure SO - Écoute-nous Sep 7 at 14:51
  • HOW is it possible that this answer is closed when you have "How do you say “to hell with everything” in French?", "Façons d'exprimer « ça m'a touché »" or "Comment traduire « full of beans » : adjectif simple, syntagme ou locution ?". It really seems ridiculous to me how arbitrary those decisions are! – SteffX Sep 13 at 17:14
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  • @SteffX: People are welcome to ask if they don't know the meaning of something, but asking how to phrase a translation of something they seem to already understand is better suited for a site focused on English. – Maroon Sep 15 at 6:21

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