How are the verb "fondre" and the noun la "fondation" related? It looks like the verb is more related to a physical process of state change due to temperature. The noun is more related to creating an institution, society, ... ?

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    Et si, au lieu de fondRE, il s'agissait du verbe fondER ? – aCOSwt Nov 5 at 22:51
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    Sorry! The same as above : What if, instead of fondRE you were considering the verb fondER ? – aCOSwt Nov 5 at 22:53
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    C'est de la fonte ! – jlliagre Nov 6 at 0:00
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    La fonderie alors.... – poseid Nov 6 at 8:41

There is no relationship outside the coincidental similarity.

Fondation (foundation) relates to the verb fonder (to found, to base) from the Latin fundāre and not to the verb fondre (to melt, see "foundry") from the Latin fundere.

  • La "fonderie" ... :) merci! – poseid Nov 6 at 8:41
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    Bientôt les fondues. – Destal Nov 6 at 15:21
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    @Destal et on touchera le fond. – jlliagre Nov 6 at 15:31
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    @Destal : Si je fonce un poil trop, je fous le feu à fond et mon Appenzeller fonce avant de fondre. PasGlop! – aCOSwt Nov 7 at 14:44

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