This maybe an easy question but I still need help: I want to say in French “My phone is glitching.” But when I look on https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english-french nothing comes up.

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    If you consider that my phone is glitching means exactly the same thing as my phone has a glitch Collins gives you the answer. And there are other dictionaries you could have looked at, even a good online translator.
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    Nov 23, 2019 at 10:25
  • @LaureSO-Écoute-nous : Oui absolument. Glitch est d'abord un substantif.
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    Nov 23, 2019 at 12:00

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A couple of expressions that are commonly used in France in such a situation:

Mon téléphone beugue. (pronounced like "bug", from the verb beuguer which has variants)

Mon téléphone déconne. (Colloquial).

They are conveying the intended meaning of an ongoing, repetitive or sporadic issue which is how I understand is glitching. On the other hand, my phone has a glitch refers more to a single defect, something that doesn't work as intended.

Beware not to translate "to have a glitch" by être en panne. Being en panne means being out of order, unusable while having a glitch means working fine but having sometimes an odd behavior.

The formal/technical way to describe it is:

Mon téléphone1 a un problème intermittent/inattendu, un comportement bizarre.

1Or portable, mobile, GSM, Natel, cellulaire depending on the French speaking country.

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    J'avais appris le substantif en situation chez les indigènes de la colonie. On va certes rester dans le lexique des petites bestioles désagréables mais Il signifiait très exactement parasite soulignant ainsi un coté nécessairement aléatoire / non reproductible. que bug ne portait pas. Donc oui et +1 forcément pour ton déconner... :-)
    – MC68020
    Nov 23, 2019 at 12:05

According to the French free encyclopedia (and this ref.) you can say what follows if you know that the error comes from a program (for instance blurred 3D display).

  • Il y a un glitch/bug/bogue dans mon téléphone.

If the problem is not known to you, that is if you don't know whether the hardware or the software is responsible, you can simply use the general forms that follow; they cover all aspects of malfunctionning, that due to the programmation and that due to the electronics/electrics and as well server problems. All listed possibilities belong to the standard French language.

  • Mon téléphone est détraqué. (out of order or totally unusable)
  • Mon téléphone a une panne. (remark as above)
  • Mon téléphone est en panne. (rather totally unusable)
  • Mon téléphone marche/fonctionne mal. (out of order)
  • Mon téléphone a un fonctionnement erratique. (out of order)

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