In English: to live - living (Living on Earth): to cook - cooking (Title: Cooking of vegetables). I am specially interested in a substantival form for "Speaking"

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In French, the infinitive is the substantivated form of a verb so you can say:

Living on earch → Vivre sur Terre.

Cooking of vegetables → Cuisiner les légumes.

Speaking Spanish → Parler l'espagnol.

You might also use regular nouns:

La vie sur terre.

La cuisine des légumes.

La langue (parlée) espagnole

in the latter case, langue is often omitted:


Some infinitives can be used as real substantives, which is the case of parler so a (rarer) alternative is:

Le parler espagnol.

There is also the very outdated parlure:

La parlure espagnole.

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