Yesterday has an idiomatic usage which is basically a synonym for "as soon as possible".

I need those reports, and I need them yesterday. ≈ I need them ASAP.

We want to see them in a concert. Bring them for a live yesterday!

Can "hier" be used with a similar meaning?

E.g. does

On veut les voir en concert. Amenez-les pour un concert hier!

sound idiomatic?

  • The first example about reports and "yesterday" as ASAP works perfectly, but For a ?live [show?], I'm confused by this phrasing in English. Parsing "We wanted to see them live yesterday" doesn't convey hyperbole/sarcasm, like "Hier on voulait voir en direct/en concert (mais on a loupé)." Problème et bonne question. I once heard a comedian say [Je vous rappelle] dès que posthume.
    – livresque
    Commented Jul 3, 2020 at 4:57

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No, amenez-les pour un concert hier is not idiomatic and would be puzzling.

That doesn't mean hier is never used with such a meaning. For example, to the question

Quand voulez-vous que les rapports soient rendus ? (When would you like the reports to be delivered?)

the answer might be:

Il me les faudrait pour hier ! (I'd need them by yesterday!)

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