I have heard the following sentence in the TV series Marseille:

  • Allez, les Guiris!

Context: a drug dealer is ordering two of his men to steal a car. These men are black and speak a foreign language, so they are probably immigrants or sons of immigrants.

I have not found this word in the Word Reference and Larousse dictionaries. I know that "guiri" is a slang used in Spain to refer to a foreigner. Does it have the same meaning in French?

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The Wikipedia article Le parler marseillais mentions that the word "guirri" is used in Marseille and has been borrowed from Comorian; it means "someone strong, brave".

(rem: I am not at all a local from Marseille and had never heard/read this word before, so any comment from a native speaker of that region on the actual usage of this word is welcome).

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