Un stratège dans l’âme

Is this an official term in gambling, or a French expression? How should it be translated to English?

Original sentence is

Êtes-vous plutôt un stratège dans l'âme ?

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    It would be nice if you could provide a little more context than just the expression the question is about. – grandtout Apr 8 at 7:10

"Le maréchal Joukov était un stratège dans l'âme" could be translated by

Marshal Joukov was a born-strategist. Of course the invoked soul has disappeared in the translation, but I would say that born-strategist is the standard way to say something like this in English.

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  • "Was a strategist at heart" is an English idiom whose literal meaning is closer to dans l'âme. – Peter Shor Apr 17 at 14:15

"dans l'âme" is a French expression meaning that the quality in question is part of the deepest nature of the subject.

"Mozart était musicien dans l'âme" means that music was deeply part of Mozart's nature.

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