What is the correct way to say "to be gifted with"? I have seen "être doué de" but also "être doué pour" and "être doué en"

  • Is it all correct?

  • What is the difference between them?


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These are 3 different cases.

The translation you are looking for seems to be Être doué de, even though it is not very frequently used. Être doué de is usually followed by some ability that one naturally has. A common instance may be L'être humain est un être doué de conscience, which one can translate to "Human beings are beings provided with consciousness".

Être doué pour is followed by some action that one has some skills in. For instance Être doué pour jouer de la musique refers to someone who is good at playing music.

Finally, Être bon en is very similar to Être doué pour, except that it is followed by a domain one is skilled in, rather than an action. For instance Être bon en mathématiques refers to someone who is skilled in maths.

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