I wanted to translate this sentence on Duolingo:

"Which idea are they choosing?"

I used:

"quelle idée est-ce qu'ils choisissent"

I believe I could use the following sentences instead:

"Quelle(s) idée(s) choisissent-ils/elles."

Ils/Elles choisissent "quelle(s) idée(s)."

But I don't understand why the sentence I used is not correct. I would appreciate if you could tell me.


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(Thanks @jlliagre for the help)

Quelle idée choisissent-ils/elles ? (formal; inversion)

Laquelle de ces idées choisissent-ils ? (another formal option)

Ils/elles choisissent quelle idée ? (middle register)

Quelle idée ils/elles choisissent ? (probably the most common middle register)

C'est quelle idée qu'ils choisissent (another option) ?

Quelle(s) idée(s) est-ce qu'ils/elles choisissent ?

Quelle idée est-ce qu'ils choisissent ? is not unheard but not very idiomatic and would be perceived as broken grammar because quelle is already introducing a question so est-ce que is redundant.


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