In the French song "On fleek", Eva said "Reste avec tes grosses folles, t'es bon qu'à zoner", so what's the meaning of "zoner" in this phrase and in general too and what's the meaning of the adjective "tanqué" as well..in "t'es tanqué"?


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'zoner' means to loiter, to hang around doing nothing.

'tanqué' means standing still, stationary.

In the song it's taking a figurative meaning. She says she wants to grow up, she's got goals, a family, a team, etc... while he's good only to loiter and do nothing. She tells him to stay with his fans, with his crazies, while she takes off.

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Complément de l'excellente réponse de @Jonathan :

Zoner :

(Intransitif) (Argot) Mener une existence marginale, vivre en zonard.

(Intransitif) (Argot)(Par extension) Flâner, errer, se déplacer sans but précis.

Source : https://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/zoner

Tanquer (régionalisme)

(Provence) (Occitanie) S’immobiliser, installer, rester planté.

(Provence) (Vulgaire) Se faire quelqu’un, baiser.

Source : https://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/tanquer

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