Is my translation of “I’m talking about the software. It’s slow in translating but precise.” grammatically correct?

Because « être lent(e) à » égale “to be slow in ...-ing”, I reached

« Je parle du logiciel. C’est lente à traduire mais précis. »

Est-ce correct ?

If it’s incorrect, I would really like to know why because I don’t understand why it would be incorrect grammatically as I used the above template correctly. :(

Also, please let me know if this type of question is not allowed.

enter image description here

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There are two mistakes in :

C'est lente à traduire mais précis.

First, you are talking about a specific software, not generic ones so you should use : il est...

Second, there is a agreement discrepancy, lente is feminine but logiciel is masculine.

The expected sentence is then:

Je parle du logiciel. Il est lent à traduire mais précis.


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