Whilst "Lecture du compteur" translates to "meter reading", I'm not sure this is the correct kind of reading. Can anyone provide a more natural translation please?

This is in the context of a gas or electricity meter reading.

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I would add the full sentence where you find the text to be sure of the context.

I told it as Lecture du compteur can be used for a meter reading if it's for the actual action of the sentence.


Dans la ville où je vis, je dois faire la lecture du compteur d'eau de ma maison tous les six mois.

jlliagre's answer is correct too, as the words could be used for la Valeur affichée (sur le compteur) too.

Ex; La valeur affichée sur la jauge d'essence est celle de la dernière graduation.


"Reading" has more than one meaning in English but I guess what you look for is:

Valeur affichée (sur le compteur).

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