When we compare things using adjectives, we make sure the adjective agrees in gender and number with the noun. Here masculin pluriel:

Les yeux sont verts

However we say, allowing for some poetic license regarding the color itself, here in féminin singulier:

La mer est verte

If we wish to compare ''la mer'''with ''les yeux'', how do we perform the agreement?

Les yeux sont aussi vert que la mer
Les yeux sont aussi verte que la mer
Les yeux sont aussi vertes que la mer
Les yeux sont aussi verts que la mer

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Les yeux sont aussi verts que la mer

Think like it is near to les yeux sont verts... comme la mer which, I think, could help you to remember


In such a construction, the adjective can only ever agree with the subject of être. So you want verts here. If it went the other way, it would be La mer est plus verte que ses yeux and so on.

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    If you refer to the exeample of les yeux sont aussi verts que la mer", it should be *verts, not vertes. A typo maybe ?
    – Greg
    Jul 30, 2020 at 5:38
  • asdfghjkl for some reason in my head it was "larmes" instead of "yeux"
    – Circeus
    Jul 30, 2020 at 14:00

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