One of the lesser used English definitions of kick is

5c: pursuit of an absorbing or obsessive new interest —usually used with on1

Is there a French equivalent? My French is super rusty, and I did poke around with translators, but I'm guessing that "donner un coup" doesn't carry the same connotation.

  • Can you provide examples of sentences that would use that kick?
    – jlliagre
    Aug 22, 2020 at 9:14
  • Example sentence: "Alice is on another Heavy Metal kick" meaning she's been listening to Heavy Metal music a lot lately, but in a week or two she'll have switched to something else, likely back to her "regular" favorites.
    – aslum
    Aug 25, 2020 at 20:14

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You can use the word marotte, which points to a sudden and invasive passion for something:

Il s'est mis à la philatélie, et c'est devenu sa marotte, il ne parle plus que de cela.


An equivalent is "être mordu" (mad on, crazy about), also colloquial.

If a complement must be used the preposition is "de".

  • Il est mordu de cinéma. (adjective)

  • (variant) C'est un mordu de/du cinéma. (nom)


Depending on the context, one could be on a health kick, une mode santé.

To get your kicks is s'amuser and its synonyms.

Moreover, to be hooked on something (including drugs, not so healthy) or idiomatically on a ____ kick is

être accro from accroché

(Familier) Qui se rapporte à une personne qui est passionnée par quelqu’un ou par quelque chose.

That which relates to someone with a passion for someone or something, "getting a kick out of it."

Elles sont toutes accros à ce nouvel acteur.

They are all crazy about this new actor. They're all on a Léo Legrand kick.

Il est complètement accro de ce nouvel album de BD.

He is so into this new comic book. He's really on a comic book kick with this new one.


The noun kif (from the verb kiffer) is slowly moving from suburban to mainstream slang:

Il a un nouveau kif !

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