While studying Russian, I came across the concept of "Coчeтaeмocть", which can be translated as:

(source: www.textologia.ru/slovari/lingvisticheskie-terminy/sochetaemost/, translation by Google)

Coincidence is the ability of language elements to connect with each other in speech. The combination of the layer. Syntactic composition.

There is even a Wiki-page for it, but it is only available in Russian: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сочетаемость

The idea of this concept is that a word is most often used in a predefined combination with other words. Other combinations are rare or perceived as unnatural w.r.t. commonly used language. I don't have a good example of this in French at the moment, but I'll update the question as soon as I find one.

How is this concept called in French (or English)?

I have been searching, but so far I did not find a name for this concept in another language, although it seems to me that it is an essential mechanism of any language. For the Russian language, I found several exercise books on this topic that have helped me a lot to understand the language better and to construct proper sentences. So I am looking for the name of this concept to find corresponding material in French.


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The matching term in French is collocation.

See here: https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collocation_(linguistique)


It is called "collocation" in French and in English as well.

From the Wiktionnaire

collocation \kɔ.lɔ.ka.sjɔ̃\ féminin
(Linguistique) Combinaison de mots caractéristiques, association fréquente de deux mots l’un à l’autre, de manière privilégiée.

Le style journalistique a utilisé des collocations qui sont presque devenues des clichés, comme « crime odieux » ou « lourd silence ».

From Wikipedia: collocation, linguistique

From Glosbe : groupe de mots, collocation


Il s'agit d'une fonction combinatoire d'une unité linguistique. On pourrait parler de combinabilité, de capacité d'être regroupé, combiné ; donc combinable. La collocation est assurément un résultat appliqué de cette capacité. On trouvait des indices de ce genre de terminologie dans la section traduction en langue russe pour le terme recherché. Une personne avec une expertise en linguistique est requise pour valider ce qui se dit dans le domaine, ainsi que l'ensemble des réponses.

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