What's the translation of “coach mark" in French?

“Coach mark" in English can be defined as follows (mirror):

Coach marks [a user interface elements that] call attention to new or unique features, nudge users in the right direction, or guide users during onboarding.


enter image description here

More examples from https://www.mobile-patterns.com/coach-marks (mirror, mirror 2):

enter image description here

What I have tried:

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I'm not sure about how coach-marks differs from tooltips but I would call what you show one of:

Bulle d'information

Bulle informative


Note that bulle means here the usually rounded background of the text area used to show the piece of information with the triangle pointing to the location it refers like comics "speech balloons". Its technical name is phylactère but it is extremely rare and unknown by most of us.

In some of the new examples you added, the text has no specific background and is just overlaid to the main picture.

In that case bulle would be less suitable and you can call the thing une annotation.


From the definition of a coach-mark, since it can have a close icon or a dismissal link, it seems from this page that "marker" and "coach-mark" are synonymous.

According to the explanations on this same page the simple term "marqueur" (marker), which is opposed to "info-bulle" (tooltip) can be used to translate "marker" or "coach-mark".

However, I cannot find any more information to corroborate this equivalence of terms.


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